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Services Overview

Avyakta offers the following Services :

Major Areas Include :

FPGA Based Development
Avyakta can deliver FPGA and CPLD based solutions for your needs. Conceptualization and architecture Choice of FPGA/ CPLD device HDL coding in Verilog, VHDL Test bench design and implementation, Simulation and verification, Synthesis and optimization, IP block selection and integration,Static Timing Analysis, Devices and development environment from Xilinx, Altera, Lattice. DSP algorithm development, digital signal processing in FPGAs Embedded MCUs such as PPC, uBlaze and Nios II.

Real Time Embedded solutions
We are associating ourselves in developing Microprocessor/Micro controller based embedded products. Our services cover the whole software and hardware life cycle from product design to embedding the software into the target platform. We are offering Real Time Embedded Software Solutions in electronic industry like, Automotive Electronics and Aerospace, Data Communications and Telecommunications, Process Control and Instrumentation, Medical Electronics, Language Processing and EDA.

Hardware Abstraction Layer
Strong processor architecture and peripheral knowledge for eg DMA engines, interrupt handling, real time clocks, OS timers, memory caching etc., enable us to develop efficient hardware abstraction layer. In depth understanding of some of the interfaces like EMIF, SRIO, PCI, OBSAI,CIPRI etc. We also have expertise in Graphical User Interface, Diagnostics, Mixed C++/C/Assembly language development for RISC, ARM and DSP architectures.

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DSP based Development
We are associating ourselves in developing DSP based for industrial automation, measurements and controls products. Capability to deliver solutions based on DSP algorithms, IIR, FIR, DFT, FFT, Correlation, Convolution, Filtering and Wavelets. Expertise in implementing Data / Audio / Video Compression-Decompression. Expertise in using stare of art tools : Code Composer studio, MATLAB, Simulink, DSP BlockSet and KEIL.

Development of Device Drivers
Development of efficient, flaw less device drivers on Microcontrollers, Digital signal processors, and embedded processors like TI's OMAP3/2, TI 64xx, Freescale's i.MX, Xscale PXA255/ 270.. for a wide variety of interfaces like memory devices, SD/MMC, USB, Ethernet, Audio, display interfaces such as LCD, VGA, DVI, HDMI, Compact Flash(CF) etc., Wire-less modules like Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, GSM/GPRS, RFID, WiMAX etc.

Wireless System Development
Research & Development of Wireless Communication and Networking Systems involving, Design, Development, Implementation, Testing and Debugging of Communication Products in FPGA / CPLD hardware and in Embedded Software. Experrtise in WAN (WiMAX), WLAN (WiFi), WPAN (Zigbee, BlueTooth), Cognitive Radios based on SDRs. Development of Protocols based on on Internet Protocols, Ethernet, IP andTCP\UDP.